The Swab Test Kit:


- A see through Bio Hazard bag.
- A Patient Request Form.
- A swab and tube in a sealed bag.
- 4 Stickers.
- A prepaid return envelope if the swab test kit was mailed to you.

Step 1:
To perform the swab test, loosen the swab cap. It is very tight and a little slippery. You should use a cloth like your shirt to grip the swab cab. Be careful not to touch the swab. Once loosened, finger tighten the cap. 

Step 2:
You should not have anything to eat or drink in the previous half hour. Swoosh some water around in your mouth and swallow. Swab your lower left jaw and  lower right jaw for 30 seconds EACH. Carefully take the swab cap off of the tube and put the swab into the tube. Tighten and shake 10 to 15 times to cover the swab with the preservative solution.

Step 3:
Write your name and date of birth go on 3 of the 4 stickers. Place one sticker on the Bio Hazard bag. Wrap the next sticker around the clear part of the swab tube. Place the third sticker in the upper right hand corner of the Patients Request Form.

Step 4:
Fill out the Patient Request Form. Please DO NOT fill out any Medicare, Supplemental Insurance, or any insurance information on this form. This information is already in the portal. If the Patient wants to receive the test results by email, please write that email down. If the Patient wants to have a consultation with a genetic counselor if the results show a mutation, please check Yes. If not, please check NO. It is recommended to check Yes. It is easier to cancel the appointment then to schedule one at a later date. Please sign and date the form.  

Step 5:
Put the Patient Request Form and the swab tube in the Bio Hazard Bag and seal it.

Step 6:
Put the Bio Hazard bag in the provided and prepaid return envelope and drop it into the mail.
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the results and report.

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