Who Qualifies?


The Procedure


Question 1:

Do you have Medicare Primary (B) with any of the following supplemental insurance plans:


NO supplemental insurance.



Any Preferred Provider Organization or (PPO). 

Tricare For Life

No Health Maintenance Organization or (HMO) can be accepted at this time.

Question 2:

Have you ever been diagnosed with any of the following genetic cancers?

List of approved genetic cancers:

  • Breast                               • Stomach

  • Ovarian                            • Melanoma

  • Prostate                           • Cervical

  • Pancreatic                       • Kidney

  • Endometrial                   • Brain

  • Uterine                             • Thyroid

  • Colon                                 • Bladder

  • Rectal

Question 3:

Have 2 of your family members been diagnosed with any of the genetic cancers listed above?
List of approved family members:

  • Mother                                • Grandmother

  • Father                                  • Uncle

  • Brother                               • Aunt

  • Sister                                    • Cousin

  • Son                                         • Niece

  • Daughter                            •Nephew

  • Grandfather           


If you answered yes to having Medicare Primary (B) and any one of the supplemental insurance plans, and yes to question 2 and or 3 then you qualify for this free consultation.

You will need 3 things to complete the application. First, your Medicare Primary (B) policy number and your supplemental insurance information if applicable. Second, knowledge of your family’s history with cancer. Third, your Primary Care Physicians (PCP) information. The more information the better. This testing will only be done with your PCPs full knowledge and approval. 

During the consultation we will be filling out a 5 to 10 minute application to verify your history and or your family’s history of cancer. Regardless of which cancers or which family members with a history of cancer qualifies you for the program, you will be tested for the ENTIRE list of 15 F.D.A. approved genetic cancers from question 2 for mutations.


We work in cooperation with your Primary Care Physician (PCP). Once the application is complete and submitted a Letter of Consent and a completed CGX Requisition Form are sent to your PCP and you’re insurance information is verified. When you’re insurance information is approved and your PCP approves the test, a swab kit will be mailed to your house. We will contact you and verbally assist you with this simple swab test. A little paperwork is completed and then all is mailed to the Lab in the provided addressed and paid for return envelope. In four to six weeks you will receive the results of the genetic testing to share with your family. A copy of the genetic testing results will also be sent to your Primary Care Physician. If the genetic test is positive for one or more genetic mutations a genetic consultant will be available at the Lab for you and your PCP to discuss the results in greater detail.

Once you and your PCP have a full understanding of the report you can then create a custom plan to help prevent you from developing cancer. You can share the results and your custom plan with the rest of your family and they can share the information with their Primary Care Physicians. 

For example:

If Grandad has a cancer mutation for prostate cancer, it doesn’t mean he has prostate cancer or he will absolutely develop it. The mutation does mean that he is at a greater risk then the rest of the general population of developing prostate cancer. But if he knows about the mutation he can work with his PCP to help prevent the development through diet, exercise and supplements. Now Granddad can share this plan with his children and grandchildren because they all share the same genes. Medicare is raising this awareness to help prevent future Medicare recipients from developing genetic cancers thus saving lives and lowering future Medicare costs. No patient will ever be charged because Medicare B covers the cost once their deductible has been met. This is one of the most unique and innovated cancer prevention programs we have ever seen.

This is an incredible benefit provided by Medicare and an amazing gift of awareness and prevention to give to your whole family.


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